Follow up post

As a follow up to our last post we have found and Etsy shop that is associated with SewChaCha. It is and they have many of the designs you can find on It appears that they will sometimes offer sales after specific holidays to clear out their inventory of designs. They also answer questions quickly. We have purchased from them a few times and have never been disappointed. You will need an embroidery machine to use their products since their downloads are set in machine embroidery formats. Here is a cute picture of one of their designs.



Machine Embroidery Designs

Machine applique designs are all over the internet. They are interesting and crazy in the fact that you get to add layers and layers of material. This gives you the ability to be very crazy and creative. Many designs are kind of boring and old fashioned. This industry is dominated by the older population, but we are seeing more an more young people get into it. You can notice this by the types of designs you see out there. They are looking more and more modern and not like your grandmothers quilt. Many young mothers today like having and buying clothing for their children that is unique and cute. We are seeing site crop up that are starting to cater to these types of buyers. Etsy is a great site where you can find custom clothing and custom work very inexpensively.

Here is an image of a cute project that we found online. If you notice cute and modern, where many of the applique designs you find online look like they are from your grandmother. (not that there is something wrong with that)

machine applique designs

The following is an example of what we personally don’t like. It looks like it belongs on a throw at the nursing home.

machine embroidery


We have noticed sites like with hundreds of thousands of designs, but to find a design in all of that would take you longer then just digitizing it yourself. We like to stick with small cool sites like They have a modern and cute look in all of their designs.

Sewing Moccasins

One of the crazy ideas I had as a kid was taken from some of the movies that my dad would watch. You know some of the old western movies from the 60′s and 70′s. I always loved moccasins and wanted a pair but my parents wouldn’t buy them. So I got the crazy idea to just make my own.

I didn’t start with just a pair of ankle high moccasins, no I wanted to do a full length pair where they would reach to just below my knees. My father had some leather lying around in a few boxes that I could use. I found a pattern in one of the many books we had around the house and I was off to the races. It didn’t take me that long to make them and they were way cool. It was my first attempt at sewing with leather. Sewing with leather doesn’t really involve thread if you are looking to make it authentic. When I did my project, I used strips of leather to sew the edges.

There are many sites and images of moccasins out there, I would recommend taking a look at Wiki as they have a good article and some cool pictures of different types. I hope you enjoyed this article and keep coming back for other ripped projects.